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"Flowers Will Bloom"

(Hana Wa Saku)
NHK 3/11

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Rebuilding Japan $0.99 at a time! 






Heal Japan is a 3-track music benefit EP 

100% of proceeds to Habitat for Humanity Japan                           building homes for survivors in the Tohoku region of Japan most affected by the earthquake.tsunami.nuclear disasters of



available on 





3/11 Japan 東北のために | 日本を愛す MV






It's nice to pray,
but even better to DO.


If YOU agree that it's better to DO addition to pray for the survivors of the Tohoku region of Japan, AND you have what it takes to back that with action -all from the comfort of your web surfing device...!


  • Buy the EP!                                                                                                  Available here on the site, and on iTunes and amazon globally for less than the price of your daily latte ...for a damn good cause. And if that's more than you can spare, just get a track or two! It all helps!


  • Spread the word!                                                                                              muy importante, peeps-- use your social media, your phone (text ur peeps!), your site(s), your blog, and your ...mouth!  Thanks for your support!


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